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Xilent - Boss Wave (Official Video)

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Oculus Rift opens into the abyss of Facebook

It looks bad, but on the bright side, Virtual Reality will now be here to stay. For real. Not a hacked together piece of proprietary third party device, but something actually well crafted. Oculus Rift would have been clawing its way to relevancy for several more years, had it not been for the visionary and intrepid Mark Zuckerberg, who will now be able to fund this device to hell. Money will no longer be a barrier for Oculus Rift. 

Developers might be a bit troubled at first, but they will shortly be made aware that the games they are creating will now be force fed to Facebookers (all hundreds of millions of them … and their cash).

Sony will be on market soon with a device that will ultimately serve the purpose of gaming just as well as the Oculus Rift would have (and still may, if everything goes as planned).

I am typically quite jaded and cynical when confronted with corporate acquisitions. Companies rise to prominence and just as quickly get scrapped to piles of irrelevance. Fortunately, Facebook tends to have a hands-off approach when dealing with their corporate gains. Instagram, for instance. 

I see a future where I will spend time in Facebook, talking and chatting with my friend’s virtual avatars, where I can chill, while listening to some audiobook or watching a movie clip in my periphery. 

With 10 consoles in one, does the Retron 5 have what it takes?

Makes me want to raid the local flea market for old games and controllers. -gamewrite


Phoenix decided to hop on and try Dark Souls. She isn’t very good at it.

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Game On - Art in Video Games - MOCAtv (by MOCA)
GUYS! The video series I curated for MOCA started rolling out episodes today. I’m really excited!